Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida not approving Certified Behavior Analysts

We have submitted a provider application to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida and received a prompt letter stating that they would not approve the application for Certified Behavior Analysts. We called a representative and received the following response "Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida is refusing to give provider id's to Behavior Analysts because the "services" are already payable through Neurologists, Psychologists, and Speech Pathologists." We asked point blank, "Neurologists, Psychologists and Speech Pathologists are providing Applied Behavior Analysis services to those under your coverage areas?" Their answer was "Yes."
Consumers of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida do not have the option of seeking or receiving Applied Behavior Analysis services from a Certified Behavior Analyst. This is unbelievable. Those familiar with Applied Behavior Analysis can certainly attest that Certified Behavior Analysts not only address behavioral issues but also provide interventions that may benefit its consumers apart from the services offered by psychologists, neurologists or even speech pathologists. As we can appreciate the services provided by psychologists, neurologists and speech pathologists, Applied Behavior Analysis therapy requires specialized training. Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts are specialists in this field and are fully qualified to work alongside Neurologists, Psychologists and Speech Pathologists to provide Applied Behavior Analysis Services comprehensively.
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